Trinity Shopping Centre, Leeds

Land Securities
FlooringCladdingHard LandscapingRestoration
August 2010 - March 2013
Project Partners
Chapman TaylorLaing O'Rourke

Full Project Details

Our role: The design, supply and installation of 7,800m² of internal & external cladding, 7,300m² of internal flooring and hard landscaping, and 300m² of restoration.

The opening of the £175m Trinity Shopping and leisure complex in Leeds, with over 120 stores, a cinema and a variety of restaurants brought the successful completion of yet another high quality, large scale retail scheme for Vetter UK.

The development was split in to two elements whilst still being managed as a single project; Trinity East, a new build development on the site of the former Trinity and Burton arcades, and Trinity West, the redeveloped Leeds Shopping Plaza.

For Vetter UK, this project is a showcase of their full range of capabilities. The scheme involved cladding in a selection of finishes; both new stone and restoration, GRC and Ceramic Granite as well as stone flooring, hard landscaping and fit-out. This was Vetter UK’s first experience of working with GRC material and also working with Ceramic Granite on such a large scale.


Over two and a half years on site, Vetter worked on both the east and west sides of the development designing, supplying and installing 7,800m² of cladding, 7,300m² of internal flooring and hard landscaping and 300m² of restoration. These works have provided a stunning finish to the ‘covered streets’ of this exciting new city centre development.

During the very early stages of the project, Vetter UK provided assistance and advice on stone options to Laing O’Rourke and their client Land Securities, which played its part in Vetter UK securing all of the stonework packages with a value of £7m. This proved to be a definite advantage for the project as a whole allowing for seamless coordination across both sides of the scheme.


One of the more challenging aspects of the project was the complex nature of the cladding systems, with the different cladding types requiring numerous fixing details. The three cladding materials, Stone, GRC and Ceramic Granite were fixed back to steelwork and reinforced concrete substrates respectively using various fixing methodologies. The complex installation was coordinated and managed by Vetter UK throughout.

Due to the tight city centre location, there were stringent conditions that had to be adhered to regarding delivery of materials. The limited storage space meant that materials were delivered to site on a ‘just in time’ basis which involved careful coordination of the works to ensure areas were ready to receive the materials.

Proving that the Laing O’Rourke group Mission Zero campaign is at the heart of everything the company do and their highest priority, Vetter UK worked a total of 1266121 hours, completing with an AFR of 0 and no reportable accidents; something that the company is extremely proud of.