Health and Safety

The Health and Safety of our workforce and those around us is our core business value and highest priority.  We are committed to creating an environment that is injury and incident free, where each of our employees and those that work alongside us returns home safely at the end of each working day.

Although our industry is getting safer, people are still being injured or even killed in the construction industry, and Vetter, as part of the Laing O'Rourke group want to change this.  In 2010 Mission Zero was launched, which is the Laing O'Rourke group campaign to eliminate all accidents from our operations, meaning everything from serious injuries to minor incidents.

We appreciate that this is a tough target and achieving it will be challenging, but there is nothing more important than keeping our people safe and well.  

A key priority of our Mission Zero agenda is the prevention of work-related illness.  While there is clear evidence that employment can have a positive effect on personal wellbeing, poor health in the workplace can present significant safety risks.  As part of the Laing O'Rourke group we offer a range of services to help enhance the health of our employees.  These include annual and new-start medicals for all employees (with private healthcare benefits for staff), targeted education campaigns aimed at tackling lifestyle-related issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure, Interactive Health Kiosks for an individual to take a quick, private and confidential snapshot of their physical and mental health and access to free confidential telephone support for any Laing O'Rourke employee, their partner and their immediate family members.  In addition, the group has developed a one-day IOSH-accredited course 'building a healthier workforce'.  This is being rolled out to all individuals involved in the planning and supervision of works.

It's important that everyone understands our approach to health and safety and feels empowered to play their part, therefore Communication is critical to creating the conditions for Mission Zero.  For this reason 'One-to-one safety commitment interviews' have been introduced for all new starters, including subcontractors, with the key aim to encourage a culture of care and mutual respect by strengthening relationships between managements and the workforce.

We all have a part to play in keeping our workplaces safe. One of the most effective ways we can do this is by being aware of the risks around us and taking action to address these. That’s why we actively encourage all our people to regularly assess their working environments and report any identified risks as they arise.

Vetter UK is proud to have been awarded the RoSPA Occupational Health and Safety Gold Award for eight consecutive years, from a 'zero' start in 2009. 



Vetter UK is ISO 14001:2004 certified and committed to the protection and enhancement of the environment.  Every day we strive to continually improve the environmental performance of our business on our projects across the UK.  High environmental performance is an ongoing priority and is achieved by our actions in line with our policy.  The policy sits alongside our Sustainability policy and Supply Chain policy as part of the group global policy framework, underpinned by the Global Code of Conduct. 

Our goal is to minimise the negative impacts of our operations and maximise the quality of the built environment for future generations.  Through innovation and application of leading practice, we aim to steer the industry to design a sustainable and high-quality built environment with as little environmental impact as possible through the whole asset lifecycle.    

We are implementing a strategy which aims to create sustainable growth by meeting the economic, social and environmental challenges of our rapidly changing world.

Our goal will be realised by:

  • Demonstrated leadership of our environmental agenda by senior leaders
  • Complying with relevant legislation and other requirements specific to the context of our business and regularly evaluating and reporting compliance
  • Preventing polluting emissions or discharges to the environment
  • Proactively minimising environmental impacts, including being industry leading in minimising direct and embodied carbon emissions, and providing energy efficient/low carbon assets for our clients
  • Continual improvement of the environmental performance of our activities, products and services through clear objectives, targets and programmes
  • Exploring opportunities in the sourcing and lifecycle aspects of our products, services and supply chain to reduce carbon emissions and demonstrate positive environmental outcomes
  • Exploring opportunities for innovative technologies, products and processes that drive improved environmental outcomes/environmental benefits throughout the delivery and operation of the assets we build
  • Communicating and addressing the risks and opportunities associated with the impacts of our activities, products and services
  • Improving resource efficiency by reducing the use of the natural resources and reducing waste, maximising resource recovery and diverting the waste we do produce away from landfill sites
  • Reducing our water consumption and improving water efficiency in all of our operations
  • Engaging our supply chain partners to improve their environmental performance and responsible sourcing of their materials, products and services
  • Proactively protecting, preserving and enhancing biodiversity and land quality
  • Enhancing employee understanding of environmental sustainability through stimulating cultural change and providing clear direction

All policies are reviewed and updated annually to evolve with the world around us to make the Laing O'Rourke group company of first choice for all our stake holders, while challenging and changing the image of construction worldwide

Over the past six months I have observed the professionalism and passion exhibited by the entire VUK team of staff and operatives in delivering a fantastic conglomerate floor product safely and to the highest quality.

Duncan N PickardT2A Project Director