Material Selection & Sourcing

Characteristics of any stone vary greatly, even for the same stone, dependent on the location within the quarry and the direction it is cut.

Our experts know and understand the performance parameters for each stone and can recommend what is appropriate for a project knowing a stone’s final location and purpose. Technical advice can also be provided on the most appropriate source and manufacturing facility for any specified product.

Factors which receive specialist assessment include natural strength – flexural and compressive, porosity, freeze/thaw resistance, impact, durability, absorption, slip resistance and abrasion resistance, not forgetting the specific quantity and surface finish.

Our extensive experience of procurement in the global natural stone market, in addition to the long standing commercial relationships we have built with quarry owners and stone suppliers around the world, means that the selection, sourcing and procurement of any stone, in a range of different finishes is possible for a project.

More recently, we have also developed strong relationships with the UK’s largest suppliers of conglomerate, terrazzo, ceramic, ceramic granite, GRC and terracotta tiles.