Our history

Born from two companies, Vetter UK has a history stretching back 170 years to around 1840. We are the proud inheritor of the skills and knowledge of generations of both English and German stonemasons, gained through two centuries of trading, which culminated in the merger of Laing Stonemasonry and Vetter UK in 2004.

As early as 1840, and operating originally in the Carlisle region of the north west of England as J and W Builders and Contractors, over five generations of the early Laing family were trained as stonemasons.

Later, in the early twentieth century the company moved to London to become the international John Laing Group of construction companies with a specialist stone company, Laing Stonemasonry, still based in Carlisle.

In Germany, Conrad Vetter, a Bavarian stonemason, founded a local business in 1865, which developed from a small, local masonry company into an international enterprise.  Vetter UK started business in the late 1990’s as part of this expansion.

During 2001, R’O’Rourke & Son, established in 1977, acquired both the Laing Construction group, including Laing Stonemasonry and the Vetter group companies, including Vetter UK and the now sold quarries in Germany.

In 2004, Vetter UK and Laing Stonemasonry merged to form an unrivalled source for natural stone, based in one head office in Manchester.