As a business, we are deeply passionate about restoring and maintaining our nation’s Heritage and are delighted to have commenced work in June 2023 on the restoration and conservations work for this iconic project.

The Vetter UK team are completing specialist repairs to existing stonework for cosmetic purposes, including the removal of stone, repointing of damaged mortar, removal of redundant fixings and the infilling with stone. Works will also include the deep clean of the central façade to remove all types of green growth, followed by a special paint coating to ensure quality and pattern visibility of the historic façade is brought back to what it looked like previously.

Structural restoration will also be undertaken involving stone replacement and pining of significant damages or defects. Specialist techniques will be used on the facades to carry out activities such as stone stitching and realigning of dislodged stones.

A major part of the works involves the installation of new ‘1929’ reliefs underneath each of the existing reliefs located on the Olympia facade. These vast 2m long 1m high stones will require temporary works and our specialist labour to carry out the works, keep everything structurally sound and ensure the stones still stand out. The stone panels will be fixed to the backing masonry using a fixing system and will help to recreate a bit of Olympia history, whilst matching the existing stone facade.