• Client: Canary Wharf Contractors
  • Architect: Townshend Landscape Architects
  • Duration: Complete
  • Location: London
  • Scoutmoor Yorkstone
  • Crosland Hill Yorkstone
  • Dakota Mahogany Granite
  • Bianco Sardo Granite
  • San Franceso Reale Granite
  • Shivasaki Yellow Granite
  • Artwork Reinstatement (Aumonier’s Sphere / Siegfried Charoux’s Motorcyclist sculpture)
  • 8,500m² natural stone paving
  • Street furniture
  • 3D illusion water feature

A complex and challenging project for Vetter UK that involved the supply and installation of 8.500m² of natural stone paving, in addition to 1300lm of slot drains, stone edges to planters, stone cladding and timber seating to benches, security bollards and the reinstatement of artworks.

Key to successful delivery was our team’s experience and knowledge of the multiple natural stones being used, our understanding of the reasons behind their selection, and the technical parameters for both manufacture and final use.

With wellbeing in mind, the client had a vision to create ‘garden area’ zones. These areas combined natural stone paving, seating in wood and stone, and stone planter edgings with rich green planting to allow the occupants of the surrounding towers a space to relax outdoors. Another area of particular interest was central square which used many stones and incorporated a water feature paved in such a way that it creates a 3D illusion when viewed from above.

At the end of our contract, we were responsible for the reinstatement of two pieces of irreplaceable artwork, Aumonier’s Globe and Siegfried Charoux’s Motorcyclist sculpture, both of which had been dismantled, packaged and transported to an offsite location ahead of our start on site. In coordination with the main contractor, our team developed a lifting and installation methodology to ensure that installation was undertaken seamlessly. The work was broken down into several phases, considering both installation and preservation, from full review in the storage facility, through to installation and inspection on site.