• Client: BAA
  • Architect: Hyland Edgar Driver
  • Duration: Complete
  • Location: London
  • G623 Chinese Granite
  • G683 Chinese Granite
  • Nero Assoluto Granite
  • 12,000m² external paving
  • 7no elliptical planters
  • 2no artwork plinths
  • Cladding
  • Peak workforce of 35 operatives
  • Landscaping Commended – Stone Federation Great Britain Natural Stone Awards 2008

For Vetter UK, this project involved the design, manufacture, supply and installation of 12,000m² of external paving, 7no elliptical planters, 2no artwork plinths and cladding to the T5 Welcome roundabout hillocks.

One of the main challenges was the weight of the paving slabs and artwork plinths and ensuring that they were handled and installed safely with no risk to our team. With the paving slabs weighing between 60 and 120 kg each, the team used a Probst Jumbo Mobile Lifter to move the stones in to position. These machines were fitted with tilting heads so that the stones could be hung vertically on the vacuum head to enable #back buttering’ before being lowered into position. This enabled us to virtually eliminate the need for manual handling of stones on site.

For the 7no ellipses, a 3D model was produced by the architect, which was sent for manufacture in the UK using CNC machines. The ellipses were dry laid in position with a forklift and then installed using a gantry lift.

The 2 no artwork plinths, made from solid blocks of stone 1.8m wide were also manufactured in China. These immense blocks ranged in size from 2000 to 2500kg and dur to their weight needed a mini crane to set the stones in to position.